Saturday, April 28, 2007


Few days back got a message from one of my friend saying ,

Hey i sent you many messages but i have not received even a single message from you . So i will delete your number ... gud bye ...

Well i was kind of shocked and surprised to get such a message since she was one of my best friend . I checked my inbox after i got this message and found no new messages . Cursing my bsnl network n times and the ECE enginner who would have desinged my mob another n times , i decided to call her and explain what happened .

I called her and was kind of surprised to see her laughing. I asked her ¨What happened ?¨
She asked me to read the message. I was about to explain her what happened, but something sounded fishy. So i told her that i will do that and this time the message said

Hey i sent you many messages but i have not received even a single message from you . So i will delete your number ... gud bye ...

Sardar sends this message to customer care ;-) Be cool Good evening .

Note :: A big time Kela but seems even she got it when she got the message ;)
So no probs :) :) . "Memories saved" :) :)

Friday, April 20, 2007

Gift time :) :)

Gifts are always fun :)
Finally i managed to give a nice senti gift for alagu.
It was a small painting, but a nice one :)
But better than the painting is the small C snippet which we wrote for alagu

It goes like this

#include <lrsl.h>
#include <kadalai.h>
using namespace freenet;
#define work fun
#define alagu YAHOO MAN
int main () {
int gujjala, gujjalambal, lab :)
string alagu[] = { "deltaman",
"Yahoo !! man ",
cout << "It is fun to have you in sunlab !! ";
cout << "We will miss you !!! " << endl;

That says it all :) .
I will surely miss him next sem :-( :-( :-( :-( :- ( .....

Thursday, April 19, 2007

The meeting starts at 8 ....

"Punctuality is the art of guessing how late the other fellow is going to be "
I have admired this quote many a times . :-) :-) . Infact it is one of my fav .

Today i got a message saying
"Hey..Dulta meeting today.. At 8pm .. Sun Lab ..Every1 must come.. So be there.. !

Being confused about whether i am a dulta member or not, i finally decided to attend this meeting . Not because i decided to work dulta, neither i am afraid about chucked out of dulta , but i was jobless and anyway i will be in SUN lab working for my SOC. So i did not mind attending the meeting .

But things went really great . I never realised that the 8 PM is "dulta's 8 PM" . And just today i came to know that there is a timezone difference of 30 minutes between IST and Dulta's Time :) :)

I went to sun lab at around 7.45 (foolish me) and started coding for LDTP in the SUN systems. Yazhini,
Padmini and Deepak Kumar Jha came there on time (all three compsci's ) . Some 10 mins after that , Nitin (a prod guy ) came to me asking whether there was a dulta meeting there or not ? .

I was really really curious to know who sent that message. I really hoped that DK sent that message ( he was the only senior present there ) . But seems he did not send that message . Finally i asked yazhini and padmini not to waste their time and they went back to their hostel by 8.30 . DK also went to room saying that he has to finish his English report.

Finally "the man" who sent that message came exactly at 8.35 :) :) . I expected him to say a sorry to the members waiting there . But again i was surprised to see him to start directly as
"Ok everyone check http://dulta/info and i want it to be by tonight . Think we have to work tonight blah blah blah blah ...".

I also like this quote
If I have made an appointment with you, I owe you punctuality, I have no right to throw away your time, if I do my own.
Richard Cecil

I really wish these people learn this someday soon .

But yes , i learnt some new stuff from this strange experience .
1. Dulta is always waste of time.
2. Never ever make anyone wait for you.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Two stories :)

This is my blog and i have all rights to crap here . This blog may appear as total crap for few, may mean more to few . I really don't care what you are gonna think about me after you read this .

Read the following two stories

Story 1
Once upon a time , there was a crow and a fox . Both of them were hungry and the crow somehow managed to steal a vada from a paatti . It flew to a near by tree and planned to eat it there . This fox was very cunning and planned to steal the vada from the crow . It said all nice nice things about the crow and asked it to sing a song . The crow started singing kaka and the vada fell down . Fox ate the vada and ran away .

Moral of the story
Dont bring the vada outside the canteen and don't sing while eating a vada.

Story 2
Once upon a time there lived a crow . It was very thirsty . It searched for a water everywhere but could not find water anywhere . Finally it found a pot with very little water . But the water level was too low for it to reach . But this was a clever crow and saw pebbles lying around the pot. It dropped these pebbles into the pot one by one and slowly the water level rose. The crow drank water and flew away happily

Moral of the story
Dont know :)

Friday, April 13, 2007

My Seniors :) :)

Again i was jobless :P googling something arbit , when i saw the "I am Feeling Lucky" button in google.
It is one of the features in google which i have never used. I always prefer seeing the list of search results and click atleast 10 of them :P

But it made me think for a moment . Am i lucky. And the answer is "YES" .

Why should i be feeling lucky ???

I think i have got the best seniors one could ever have . They are friendly, simple and spending time with them , anyone will have loads and loads of fun :) :) :) . And yes they are real "fundoos" who has done amazing things during their college life :) :) :)

And the best part is i never felt anyone as my senior. They are actually my "best friends".
The list goes like this .

Satya Madhav Kompella (Madhav)
Met him in my first year . Taught me C and C++ in the cry classes :) . A real fundoo but simple down to earth . Wish i could meet him sometime
Shankar Ganesh (Shagan)
My LDTP senior :P . OMG . This guy surely rocks . FUN FUN FUN . That's all i had when i spend time with this guy.
Manu (Manu)
Learnt a lot from him . An ideal senior :) . Mr . Perfect in everything. Only kandu without a GF in college :)
Allagappan Muthuraman (Alagu)
Helped me learn lots and lots during my second year in lrsl . :) He is really an amazing guy
Manas Garg (Manas)
My Spider senior . God . That explains everything :)

Note :: Sorry for few mistakes in the blog :P . I wrote this one in prasanna's algorithmic tricks class and obviously you tend to make mistakes when someone is disturbing you with dfs , bfs , dp etc :) :) .
So got confused betweeen a mallu and a kandu :) :)
And yes , i should have put "AJAX alagu" there , that would have made things clear :P