Sunday, July 23, 2006

Meet GNU/Linux Week

Was pretty busy last week . Infact i was so busy that for the whole week that during this whole week i
1. Never called home .
2. Never entered ldtp channel .
3. Never did the work which made recording module wait for one week.
4. Never had a good sleep ( used to go to bed at around 2 .00 AM )

The reason is Meet GNU/Linux.

The response for the event is pretty good though a few people felt that we should have taken in a better manner . Few people wanted the course duration to be two weeks :O

Some of the feedback worth putting here are

the classes were awesome...

thu class good...
linux seems to be a really good OS...
wud surely like to use it in future too..

The class is too good,.....
i am afraid of PYTHON for last one year ...
i thought its some big language,.. but now i feel its too easy ,.......

u guys teach pretty well.. hats off to that..!

Well there was lots which said that the classes are good and i donn wann to paste everything here :P
Planned to organise one more week of the classes . No idea how i am going to manage that , that too with evening classes started :( .

Hoping to do better next week :)

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