Friday, February 16, 2007

I hate CT's :(

In examinations, the foolish ask questions the wise cannot answer
---Oscar Wilde

Wow , this suits my college cycle tests also . The one and only thing which i hate in my college is CT's :( :(.
Those 3 days ,
I try to read something and end up sleeping the whole day.
I think that i wont go to octa, end up making a night out there.
At the end i always find that i have never read the syllabus even once and wont be able to finish the full portions :)

And this time i noticed that some of my friends who are real padipps were also getting frust coz of CT's

Some of the messages or quotes which they mentioned during their peak of frustration .

1. Dude , tell me one thing . Why do i feel so sleepy when i try to study and never when i'm in lab ?

2. It is study time :( i mean sleepy time ;)

3. Aah i never disliked studies so much

4. Cycles prep Aa? It sucks !

5. :( :( I'm going to himalayas. No more CT's in my life.I will take lots of food stuff, eat and roam aroud there.


7. If there were one more CT, i would have killed one of these prof and gone to jail..

8. Lets kill mala, then they will postpone the CT's

9. Lets mail Bush that Osama is hiding in CSE dept . He will bomb the dept and they will cancel the CT's :)

The list is long and i cant post everything here . God save these frust people. Save me from my dept :) :)


-->suren<-- said...

mokka... padikaathathuku ippadi oru build up vera...

U_know_hu_iam said...

and bug me before the ct along with iyer....for portions..which book to study from etc.