Sunday, August 26, 2007

Firefox 3 is amazing :)

Working on any product which is not yet released and developed by hackers all over the world ;) gives you sweet surprises every now and then ;).

I have already mentioned how the form elements are made better in FF3.0 in

The next surprise is Bookmarks ,FTP browsing and Downloads window :-) :).

Check out the screenshot for yourself

The favicon for the ftp is cute :-).

Next one is the way bookmarks are added. Just like starring a mail in Gmail.
Check this screenshot. You can see a star there right in the Location bar right?

Click that once and the link is bookmarked :).

Next time you click it, you get bookmark options :)

Finally, the downloads window is more colorful now, with some new images :)

The search in the downloads is a cool feature :)

Hmmm, these are some of the features which i could notice while testing firefox. Not sure how much more is there :-). Really firefox 3 is going to rock :)


Alagu said...

I understand that you are happy, but these many smilies.. uh uh, quite irritating.

Puthali said...

hmm...using the 'star' for bookmarking was in 'flock' from as long as i remember...
hopefully FF 3 will have something new...'n instead of concentrating more on UI, if they could just improve the performance 'n make it not hog the memory like it does...

taggy said...

i tried the ftp:// and i got a normal page that we usually get and i use grand paridaso ( firefox 3 alpha) .may its in solaris only ?